Candle burning guide

Whether you are new or a regular to using candles it's best to know basic candle safety while burning. Our hand-poured candles are intended to be sculptural pieces in your home. The way each candle burns is unique. For burning your new candle, we offer the following tips.

Candle Care 

Step 1

Before lighting your candle, lay it on a flat dish or candle plate to catch any dripping wax.

Step 2

Light your candle in a well-ventilated, In an open area away from and other flammable materials.

Regularly check on the candle. Do not leave unintended

Step 3

Always remember to extinguish your candle before leaving the room or going to bed.

Step 4

When not in use, keep your candle out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

To achieve a continuous smoke-free burn, we recommend trimming the wick 2-3cm from the surface of the wax before relighting the candle.

Step 5

Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.